NeoTouch: a speculative brain-computer-interface technology

Guest post, by Christine Wurth ( / @christinewurth) NeoTouch is a Speculative Design project envisioning the future of haptic technology. It takes the form of a communication device based on a brain-computer-interface which allows the wearer to experience touch at a distance. This post discusses the project’s design methods used to interrogate the ethical and… Continue reading NeoTouch: a speculative brain-computer-interface technology

In-Touch Podcast

Auditory-tactile synaesthesia – What’s it like to ‘feel’ piano notes?

In our first podcast, Lili from the In-Touch project speaks to Tim Neumann, of the UCL Knowledge Lab about his experiences of auditory-tactile synaesthesia. The podcast was recorded in one of the Institute of Education's music rooms so that Tim could talk us through the range of tactile effects produced for him by certain piano notes.


Media tales of touch during Covid

By InTouch Over the life of the InTouch project (starting in 2016) we have kept our feelers out for when touch hits the news headlines. While each year touch has had always had some exposure in the news, headlines have been infrequent and usually promoted by a study or incidence, for example: How often you… Continue reading Media tales of touch during Covid


PLEASE [DO NOT] TOUCH – An Exhibition by Inês Norton

Guest Post, by Emília Ferreira and Inês Norton Film 'PLEASE [DO NOT] TOUCH', by Jungler We have long known that knowledge depends on the senses. We are now, however, experiencing a global fascination with the digital, which interposes between our perception and reality, and we argue, is replacing direct contact with the world. What… Continue reading PLEASE [DO NOT] TOUCH – An Exhibition by Inês Norton


Touch-in’ the Virtual: Reflections

By Dr Nikoleta Giannoutsou, In-Touch Our June “Touch-in’ the Virtual” workshop aimed to explore the conceptualisation and experience of ‘touch’ in virtual environments with a diverse group of academics and industry practitioners. These participants came from a wide range of domains, including VR, game design, fashion, sociology, engineering and philosophy. The event, held at the… Continue reading Touch-in’ the Virtual: Reflections