In-Touch Podcast

Auditory-tactile synaesthesia – What’s it like to ‘feel’ piano notes?

In-Touch has made its first podcast!

Lili of In-Touch speaks to Tim Neumann, of the UCL Knowledge Lab about his experiences of auditory-tactile synaesthesia.

Sitting at a piano in one of the IOE music rooms (before social distancing became a thing), Tim talks us through how certain piano notes produce hard and soft tactile sensations. He recounts how his synaesthesia has featured both positively and negatively in his life, plus the cognitive dissonance that can arise when the characteristics of a musical piece don’t fit with the sensation he feels. 

This crossover of sensory modes is of particular interest to the In-Touch project, which investigates novel theories and methods of digital touch communication. Together, Tim and Lili imagine how to go about creating a haptic device which could replicate the sensations he experiences.

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In-Touch Podcast 1 - Auditory-Tactile Synaesthesia

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