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Reshaping Touch Communication: An Interdisciplinary Research Agenda, CHI’18, Montréal, Canada, 21/04/2018: This one-day workshop brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and designers to examine new forms of touch communication enabled by digital touch technologies, address critical questions and challenges for HCI, reshape future research agendas, and build a cross disciplinary community that fosters subsequent collaboration.

See our co-organiser Gijs Huisman’s Thinking Piece for his post-workshop reflections.

Conference papers and seminars


  • Making Sense of Baby: Parenting, technology and the politics of touch, Symposium: The politics of Sensation, International Sociological Association, Toronto, Canada, 17/07/2018.
  • Researching Digitally Mediated Touch Communication, Uncommon Senses II, Sensory Lab, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada, 4/05/2018.
  • Illuminating the Social and Sensory in Digital Touch Communication, Reshaping Touch Communication: An Interdisciplinary Research Agenda, CHI’18, Montréal, Canada, 21/04/2018.
  • Personal Remote Touch Communication (Keynote), Hold me Now. Feel and Touch in an Unreal World, The Studium Generale Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 22/03/2018.
  • Digital Touch Communication, Communication and Media Research Institute, Westminster University, London, 15/03/2018.
  • Multimodality and Digital Touch, University of East Anglia, Norwich 21/02/2018.
  • Touch for Garment Making: Interfaces, Emotions, Humans and Things. CELebration, the Connected Everyday Lab, TU Delft, the Netherlands, 05/02/2018.


  • Doing Multimodal Data – Doing Multimodal Analysis: Touch as a Case Study, Discourse Seminar at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, 30/11/2017 to 1/12/2017.
  • Researching and Re-imagining Digital Touch, Faculty of Visual Communication, Royal College of Art, London, 9/11/2017.
  • Digital Research Methods for Use in Health Contexts, Great Ormond Street Hospital, 9/10/2017.
  • Innovating Digital Methods, Ego-Media ERC Project seminar, Digital Humanities, Kings college, London, 26/04/17.
  • Digital Lives: New ways of Working and Living, EPSRC Balance Network interdisciplinary workshop, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 10/01/2017.


  • In-Touch: Feeling our Way (Keynote), 8th International Conference on Multimodality, University of Cape Town, South Africa, 07/12/2016.
  • Boundary Crossing Methods: Arts and Social Sciences, LETStudio Seminar, Gothenburg, 27/10/2016.