IN-TOUCH is a new 5 year project funded by the ERC consolidator scheme.

We will explore how the digital is reshaping touch with a focus on health and well-being, work, learning, and personal relationships. From devices that supplement the loss of touch, to three dimensional touch environments, and devices that enable us to interact with others, information and objects in new tactile ways for work and learning, through to wearables and sensory devices that support touching at a distance. IN-TOUCH will address new questions, including:








  • How does digital touch newly constitute our experience of communication with close and distant others?
  • What might this mean for communicative norms, etiquettes and ethics?
  • What interdisciplinary methods can describe and represent digital touch communication?
  • How can we theorize digital touch as part of the broader sensorium?

IN-TOUCH will result in an innovative interdisciplinary framework, new methods, and crucial theoretical insights for researching digital touch communication. Substantive empirical results will illuminate the social practices and politics of digital touch communication.