Thresholds of Touch


Several of the artistic propositions (Photo credit: Denise Ziegler)

Thresholds of touch is a collaborative case study which led to an interactive performance experiment which took place at UCL Bloomsbury Theatre. It combined poetic and personal accounts of touch experiences, new materials, electronic sound, bodily interaction and digital technologies to create an explorative and playful, interactive space for visitors to experience and reflect on what digital touch interaction is and might come to be. Four performances took place over two days in January 2020. Through a range of artistic propositions, the visitors were challenged to experience and explore the politics and aesthetics of human, and non-human touch. The performance-experiment consisted of an one hour interactive performance followed by an one hour exploratory workshop. The workshop extended the themes of the performance to generate accounts and stories of touch and to interrogate visitors tactile imaginations of digital touch communication.

Thresholds of Touch was a collaboration between Falk and Marloeke and the IN-TOUCH ERC Project, supported by HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Marloeke van der Vlugt is a Dutch performance artist and researcher at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht who explores living in a technology driven, networked world and its impact on the body.

Falk Hübner, PhD, composer, theatre maker and researcher and educator based at HKU University of the Arts and ArtEZ  Netherlands, he has extensive experience in theatre, performance and interdisciplinary work.